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"Jesus loves Paris", the new trendy shirt

sebastien fath,Pamela Poole, Jesus loves Paris, marketing, religion, paris, beaubourgJust a few days ago, I came accross this post from a blogger who discovered this shirt in front of Beaubourg, downtown Paris: "Jesus loves Paris".

After painful research (kidding), I found out that the bold discoverer of this new French hybrid between religion and marketing is Pamela Poole, a witty freelance writer, blogger and translator.

History will tell if this new shirt (currently only available in ONE single shop) will make regular headlines and sell well... Click to continue

With this BIG question left to researchers: is it a sign of a French religious revival? Or just an ironic proof of French full conversion (at last).... to cynical marketing?

Pamela Poole, Jesus loves Paris, marketing, religion, paris, beaubourg


What if ALLAH loves Paris?

Écrit par : Andrea | 06/14/2012

Hey, why not :-)

Écrit par : Sand | 06/19/2012

We'd like more stuff on religion in Paris please

Écrit par : Jess | 07/17/2012

Where could we buy this ?

Écrit par : Alan2 | 04/01/2014

Nice shirt.

Écrit par : Alan | 05/13/2014

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