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United States of... France?

us_france_0921.jpgDid you think that since the Iraqi war, France and the US had nothing in common anymore?

Far from that.

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A well-known business editor (from Time Magazine) even describes the current US economic reforms as a transformation into the United States of France!

Don't laugh (or don't cry either), this could be serious.

I am grateful to the French Bashing Monitor for highlighting this Bill Sapporito's article.

However, I do not agree with the FBM's interpretation of the paper. Keep cool!


saporito.jpgFar from thinking that it is just another peace of "Anti-French slur", I take Sapporito's article as a fine humoristic piece... with a lot of truth in it.

This makes me smile, and think that since the current financial crisis, US economy and French economy have never been so similar indeed!!!



  • For your information:

    Nov. 12, 2008 Email: Mmailloux50@comcast.net

    A Frenchman: “An Italian in a bad mood” (J. Cocteau)

    A new book has been published providing humoristic insights for understanding the exasperatingly enigmatic French mind. Called God Still Loves the French, it is the work of a former Presbyterian missionary to the land of Calvin.
    “World” Magazine called it “an affectionate and often funny portrait of a proud people…” Dr. Robert Rayburn (Faith Presbyterian Church, Tacoma. WA.) called it “…instructive, inspiring, touching and hilarious, all at the same time… easy to read and very well-written.”
    From the classrooms of the Sorbonne to the cafés of Paris, from the roads of rural France to life in a small town in Provence, the narrative includes anecdotes and reflections on customs, politics, and lifestyle of America’s most recalcitrant ally, the French. Like them or not, they are major players on the world scene and need to be understood. God Still Loves the French contributes to that goal—with humor to boot.
    Published by Xulon Press (www.xulonpress.com) it is available through www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com.

  • Thank you for this post.
    A new page in US/French history?

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