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  • The Quest for Russia's Soul, Evangelicals and Moral Education

    Russia, USSR, communism, Evangelicalism, school, book, perry glanzer, baylor, baylor university pressWhat were American Evangelicals doing in Russian public schools after the collapse of the USSR?

    Actually, the Russian Ministry of Education had invited them. Faced with the need for new approaches to moral education after the demise of communism, the Russian Ministry of Education turned to a group of Western evangelical Christians called the CoMission for help. Oddly enough, a government that had promoted atheism, destroyed churches, and persecuted Christians for more than seventy years now found itself partnering with Christians to train their educators to teach ethics.

    While a few books have described the changes in Russian public schools, this book, first published in 2002 and then in 2018 (new edition) provides the first in-depth case study of moral education in Russia after communism. Link