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About this blog

  • Happy Summer 2022


    (Photo glass ceiling of the Library of the History of French Protestantism, SHPF in Paris)

    Happy bright summer to all!

    And looking forward to seeing you back on this blog in September 2022.

    (in the meantime, you can continue to follow me on the Twitter feed, @SebFath, https://twitter.com/sebfath)



  • Happy new year !

    Wishes 2014.jpg

  • Happy new year !

    Happy 2013.jpg

  • Now in bookstores and on Amazon: La nouvelle France protestante

    sébastien fath,jean-paul willaime,ifop,france,french protestants,evangelicals,french evangelicals,labor et fidesAn IFOP national Survey in 2010 reveals a brand new Protestant map in France.

    While many speak openly about the collapse of organized Christianity in contemporary France, the heirs of French Reformers (including French-born John Calvin) are currently growing.

    Although this is unexpected, it can't be denied. This process goes along with the spread of Evangelical new communities. A third of all current French protestants are Evangelicals, while 60% remain attached to the presbyterian and lutheran traditions. This new landscape draws questions and requires analysis.

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  • Alive again

    Eranthis snow.jpg

    You must have noticed that this young blog is currently coming back to life, after more than 6 months of hibernation.


    The reason is simple: on a personal level, 2008 has been a very tough year (marked by grief).

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    5c7b3818141380a90679e32f9ced9f4f.jpgHi! Welcome to this new blog.

    First of all, this is an open window on French realities, but it is also a window on USA, UK and the Global Village through gallic lenses.

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