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Alive again

Eranthis snow.jpg

You must have noticed that this young blog is currently coming back to life, after more than 6 months of hibernation.


The reason is simple: on a personal level, 2008 has been a very tough year (marked by grief).

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As an historian and social scientist, I still had time for my research work (I recently published a book on megachurches, available in french).

But due to the difficult context, I did not have time anymore for this blog.

I regret it and I apologize!

But I am back on the right track.

51F6dt-pNCL._SL500_AA240_.jpgAnd more willing than ever to give this english-speaking blog a steady update!

So keep connected, and thanks for your comments and your suggestions!



Écrit par : Allan | 04/05/2009

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