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Congratulations to the American people

264096644.jpgWhat a landslide! Barack Obama could not have been more clearly elected on this 4th of November, 2008!

Even if around 90% of the French would have voted for him if they could have done so, make no mistake!!!

This is baaaaad news for many of my people...

With G.W. Bush as a US president, it was increasingly easy for us to feel superior...

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With Barack Obama as the new 44th president of the United States of America, this will be a very different story.

images-4.jpegOK, Barack Obama is not a new messiah who will solve everything. Far from that!

However, with such a charismatic, young and brilliant new president, America will look very attractive again.

Too bad for some grumpy French?


On the other hand, what a fantastic boost!

Towards reforms, towards new hopes, towards more diversity in rusty French politics.

Anyways, if you're American and if you read this blog, please accept my deepest congratulations for writing such an amazing new page of US History.



  • How do you vote for a candidate? If you are a born-again Christian, what should be your guide, the Bible as the true word of God or your opinion based on politics? Barak Obama has often supported abortion even of late-term babies and has supported the homosexual agenda. Is this God's agenda, and based on what?

    If you are a born-again Christian you ought to be reading and learning God's word daily. We are very familiar with the world and money which has directed or influenced our decisions most of our worldly lives. We need to be learning and practicing a new way, God's way. In John 10:10, Jesus said that He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly but the devil (thief) comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Reflect on what is meant by this.

  • Dear Francoise,
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    Let me just say that issues a slightly more complicated than what you imply. Being a christian does not mean born again people should necessarily vote for a Republican candidate.
    It is true that Obama is not against abortion (even he is not supporting partial birth abortions, contrarily to what some conservatives say). But McCain was privately quite close to Obama's opinion, and I'm quite sure that McCain, if elected, would have never pushed against Roe vs Wade.
    I think that a "christian" agenda is far wider than just abortion and gay couples.
    Including care for the poor, the widows, the orphans etc.... Considering the whole picture, if I had to take a christian view (which is not my purpose here: this blog is not a confessional one, it is a social scientist's blog), I do think born again christians can either vote Democrat, either Republican, without compromising their Faith. And millions of Evangelicals share this conviction (around 25 Millions Evangelicals voted for Obama)...
    Knowing that ultimately, christians who are serious with their own faith should not put their best hopes in politics (no political party will ever serve "God's agenda" only!), but in Christ and Christ's message.

  • Three years after, well...

    What did we do with your congratulations ? With the world's expectations ?

    Grim landscape.

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