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Billy Graham's legacy in Europe

images.jpegOn the occasion of today's Billy Graham's 90th Birthday...

"Billy Graham is without a doubt the most global American evangelist of the twentieth century. Supported by the BGEA, an evangelism multinational, he travelled the five continents for over half a century.

It is no surprise that Continental Europe has been one of the main targets of his outreach. Isn’t Europe the world’s most secular continent?

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For an evangelist who has always stressed the priority of reaching unbelievers, Europe was the ideal destination, and one of the most challenging. Among western European countries, France is not only the largest, but also the most secularized.

This is why the French example is particularly revealing of the main issues Billy Graham faced in western Europe. (...)"


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If so, please download the paper I gave at the 2007 American Society for Church History Conference.



Billy Graham's legacy in Europe (by S.Fath).pdf


Unfortunatly, I did not have time to submit this paper for publication. Last but not least, it is available on this blog!

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images-1.jpegAnd if a publisher expressed an interest, I'd be more than happy to reframe it for official publication.

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