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Forthcoming: the New Protestant France

4001140137.jpgAfter a year-long process, let me proudly announce that La nouvelle France protestante (The New Protestant France) will be released this month!

In this big volume, written by 22 contributors, the whole new French protestant landscape will be described at length, with maps, data (including a big global IFOP survey), in-depth analysis.THis "must-have" is published by Labor-et-Fides, a strong Swiss-based publisher.

Among the many highlights, this book reveals that the rate of practicing French Protestants is today much bigger than the rate of practicing Catholics (it was the contrary 50 years ago).

Sebastien Fath, Nouvelle France Protestante, Labor et Fides

French Protestants remain a tiny minority (between 3 and 4% of the population), but it is a growing minority (contrarily also to Catholics). Could it be that French protestants are not only precarious, but also prosperous? It seems that Islam is NOT the only growing religion in 2011's France. Protestants (including a very lively Evangelical wing) appear also trendy.

Directed by Jean-Paul Willaime and myself, this volume is written in French. Let's hope translations will come soon!

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