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THe French weekly Réforme has got a new director

Sébastien Fath, Michael Langlois, ProtestantismeFounded in 1945, Réforme is the main French protestant weekly.

Notoriously very close to the French Presbyterian identity, rooted in the Huguenot past, Réforme has regularly struggled to widen its horizon.

Widen, enlarge, why ?

Why ? Because a weekly without new readers has no much future.

Réforme's main concern is the medium age of its readers: close to the retirement age-limit.

How to attract the new generations, which are impacted by Evangelicalism, but also Ecumenism and Secularism?

Nathalie Leenhardt, the former Réforme's director, did a great job maintaining Réforme's quality offer over the last years, which have been so challenging.

Now is time for change, with the recent appointment of Michael Langlois, a brilliant open-minded Bible researcher, as the new Réforme's director.

The booming Digital continent, along with the fast reshaping of French Christianity, are his targets.

Time will tell if Réforme will make it, trading old-fashioned Huguenot sense of superiority to XXIth Century connected, concerned and multicultural faith. All the best to Dr Michael Langlois !


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