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  • French-speaking research to be read

    france,research,phdFriendly reminder to our dear english-speaking colleagues : there is a great deal of french-speaking research done every year.

    Do not forget to try to read it and quote it, as french-speaking scholars make effort too to read and quote your valuable work.

    If not, our social science lenses will not work well, and may make us sometimes almost half blind. No valuable synthesis on religion in Africa, for example, could be done without reading extensively the huge french-speaking scientific knowledge produced by Historians, Anthropologists, Sociologists and so on.

    Let me take the occasion to share this link to the new version ot Theses.fr portal, which helps to locate all the Ph.D completed in France.


  • Evangelical missionary & accusations of souperism in Ireland

    ireland,united kingdom,evangelicals,phd,karina wendling,peter gray,patrick cabanel,ephe,psl,missions,souperism,gsrlGood news ! Under the title of "Education, Famine, and Conversion: Evangelical missionary strategies and accusations of souperism in Ireland, 1800-1853", Karina Wendling (PSL / EPHE, GSRL) completed her PhD.

    It will be defended on the 13th of June, 2022.

    Professors Peter Gray and Patrick Cabanel directed the thesis.

    In the particular context of Protestant Ascendancy, Catholics perceived Protestant charity during the Great Irish Famine (1845-51) not as genuine relief but as Souperism - or the bribing of souls. This thesis comes within the framework of preceding research that has focused on the cultural and political implications of this fight for souls and examines overlooked aspects of the context in which these accusations appeared to better understand how missionary strategies disrupted the religious territoriality in a time of growing Irish nationalism.