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Billy Graham's legacy in Europe

images.jpegOn the occasion of today's Billy Graham's 90th Birthday...

"Billy Graham is without a doubt the most global American evangelist of the twentieth century. Supported by the BGEA, an evangelism multinational, he travelled the five continents for over half a century.

It is no surprise that Continental Europe has been one of the main targets of his outreach. Isn’t Europe the world’s most secular continent?

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Congratulations to the American people

264096644.jpgWhat a landslide! Barack Obama could not have been more clearly elected on this 4th of November, 2008!

Even if around 90% of the French would have voted for him if they could have done so, make no mistake!!!

This is baaaaad news for many of my people...

With G.W. Bush as a US president, it was increasingly easy for us to feel superior...

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Alive again

Eranthis snow.jpg

You must have noticed that this young blog is currently coming back to life, after more than 6 months of hibernation.


The reason is simple: on a personal level, 2008 has been a very tough year (marked by grief).

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