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  • New French-speaking role models for Christian Africa ?

    Capture d’écran 2022-12-22 à 20.49.07.pngBased in Accra (Ghana)  Pastor Dag Heward-Mills is one of the most prominent postcolonial Evangelical leader in West Africa.
    Here below (link) he's advertised in Ivory Coast.
    Less knowed is the fact that French-speaking West Africa is experiencing, over the last 25 years, a major Evangelical/Pentecostal revival, creating new French-speaking role models for Christian Africa.
    To know more, click below to discover this Field Album (pics done during a 8 days stay in Abidjan, Ivory Coast).

  • Christianity in Ivory Coast: read Bony Guiblehon

    Capture d’écran 2022-12-09 à 16.29.55.pngAs I'm getting ready to go to Ivory Coast for field research, let's thank Professor Bony Guiblehon (Bouaké University / IMAF) for this very good piece of research (among many others):

    Guiblehon, B. “LES JEUNES ET LE MARCHÉ DE LA SPIRITUALITÉ PENTECÔTISTE EN CÔTE D’IVOIRE”. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, Vol. 8, no. 24, Oct. 2012 (link)

    The main objective of this paper is to question the Pentecostal spirituality market filled by a generation of young pastors who position themselves in the Ivorian religious audience. Indeed, the market of spirituality arose in the 1990s in the context of socio-economic crises, political and religious freedom, showing a new generation of self-proclaimed servants, "pastors", "bishops", "doctors" , "apostles", "prophets" ... in the Pentecostal movement. These young people perceive spirituality as an opportunity for self-recognition, social dignity and professional integration. To reach their goal, they put on the religious market products such as theology of prosperity and healing, they are involved in communication enterprise, take care of their style ( look) and leadership to meet the social and spiritual expectations of people experiencing the anguish of life pressure. Mobilizing social marketing strategy they capture potential believers and financial resources that could contribute to their personal success