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latin america

  • Evangelicals and Electoral Politics in Latin America

    Capture d’écran 2023-03-17 à 09.21.11.pngFor a deeper understanding of the various ways through which Evangelicals get involved in Politics in Latin America, this new book from Prof. Taylor Boas (Boston University) is a must-read:

    "Why are religious minorities well represented and politically influential in some democracies but not others? Focusing on evangelical Christians in Latin America, this book argues that religious minorities seek and gain electoral representation when they face significant threats to their material interests and worldview, and when their community is not internally divided by cross-cutting cleavages. Differences in Latin American evangelicals' political ambitions emerged as a result of two critical junctures: episodes of secular reform in the early twentieth century and the rise of sexuality politics at the turn of the twenty-first.

    In Brazil, significant threats at both junctures prompted extensive electoral mobilization; in Chile, minimal threats meant that mobilization lagged. In Peru, where major cleavages divide both evangelicals and broader society, threats prompt less electoral mobilization than otherwise expected. The multi-method argument leverages interviews, content analysis, survey experiments, ecological analysis, and secondary case studies of Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala."


  • Muslims in Latin American and the Caribbean (ebook)

    Capture d’écran 2021-12-17 à 10.37.44.pngMuslims have been shaping the Americas and the Caribbean for more than five hundred years, yet this interplay is frequently overlooked or misconstrued. Brimming with revelations that synthesize area and ethnic studies, Crescent over Another Horizon offers a great Latino American perspective on a wider Islamic world.

    Already published in 2015, it is now available in ebook format.

    This excellent volume includes a chapter on Martinique written by French scholar Liliane Kuczynski  (with also elements on Evangelicals, as part of the religious diversification of the isle).


  • Political Pentecostalism: 4 Synoptic Surveys (Asia Africa Latin America)

    Capture d’écran 2021-11-04 à 23.18.25.pngWith volume 17 the series Weltkirche und Mission takes up again the topic of Pentecostal religiosity which made the start in the research projects conducted at the Institute for Global Church and Mission since 2010. The renewed engage- ment is motivated by the focus on the perception of an increasingly political and public activity of actors with Pentecostal background. Since 2016 there has been a project position “Pentecostalism” at the Institute that underlines the importance of scholarly discussion about the phenomenon.

    This new 2021 volume is addressing the challenge in a comparative perspective. Local developments and ethnographic studies are for the first time reflected upon from a global perspective.



  • Evangelicals in the Latino political arena: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay

    brazil,evangelicals,latin america,argentina,uruguay,felipe arocena,maría victoria sotelo,springerThe advance of evangelical congregations in the Latin American religious scene is one of the most significant cultural transformations of the last decades.

    It is so because of the speed with which it has occurred, because of the important number of people involved and because of the depth with which it challenges the Catholic Church, one of the most emblematic institutions of the continent since the conquest.

    In this paper, the authors analyze one of the areas in which this religious revolution is manifesting itself in three different countries: Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.